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Financial Consultancy 

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long time ago”

- Warren Buffett
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Sheela Alurkar brings in, a rich experience of over 15 years in the field of personal finance advisory and is backed with a 40 years of corporate experience from a renowned MNC.

She along with her team has been providing financial solutions to over 300 clients across India.
Mrs. Sheela Alurkar
Founder, Abhivruddhi Financial Consultancy
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Sheela Alurkar, Founder, Abhivruddhi Financial Consultancy (AFC) has been selected by  #Consultants Review as one of the '10 Most Promising Women Finance Consultants - 2023'

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Today everyone is in a pursuit of happiness and financial freedom is a vital step in this pursuit.

We are a Financial Consultancy and Advisory Firm that helps create wealth for our clients.

As a trusted financial advisory firm, we provide complete and personalized solutions to help our clients achieve their financial goals.
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Sheela Alurkar was identified by Business Icon as one of the influential women among many others and was awarded by them on women's day.

"It was heartening to see over 350+ young girls (pursuing graduation and post graduation in various fields) from  all over Maharashtra logged in to attend this session.


I am happy to mention out of these 172 girls have taken special efforts to send  positive feedback.


This subject is close to my heart and I am happy to have achieved one more step forward towards my mission...Making women financially Independent". 

- Sheela Alurkar

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AFC provides a personalised advice, based on the client’s goals and needs and helps choose the right investment products, which create wealth and security for clients and their families.

Personalized Advise

Personalized Advice


Wealth + Savings

Risk Appetite

Risk Appetite


Reports & Dashboards


Goals + Time Horizon


Asset Allocation

Choose Right Products

Choose Right Products

Monitor Progress

Monitor Your Progress

Client Testimonials


I saw that the value was in negative. I realised I should have paid more attention to their approach and demanded corrective measures. Was introduced to Sheela ma'am in the chapter and understanding her experience, I decided to invest some funds under her care. She reviewed my investments, suggested Changes, exited few and helped restructure it. Last month we booked profit of 20%! I have now started an SIP with her for my daughter.. And am confident she would guide her well. I will strongly recommend her to people who I know are looking at investing into a mutual funds for long term growth and profits. 

Mr. Shivkumar Prabhakaran

MD - Practical Methods

While You Are Working Hard For Your Money

We Ensure Your Money Works 24/7 For You. 

  • Why should I invest ?
    Everybody has a financial goal in life only the time horizon and priorities differ. Do you know that the inflation erodes your wealth over many years? In other words, the purchasing power of the money decreases with inflation. We provide various investment options that deliver returns per individual’s risk tolerance and investment horizon.
  • What is wealth ?
    Wealth represents the worth of one’s savings and the value of assets, both tangible and intangible after adjusting for all the debts.
  • Why is financial planning important?
    Financial Planning helps one determine short- and long-term financial goals and create a balanced plan to meet these goals.
  • Why do you need Financial Advisor?
    In today’s interconnected world, there are myriad of choices for investments. A Financial Advisor helps you choose right investment products according to your financial goals, helps you monitor and assess the investment performance, rebalance the portfolio to navigate through volatile market conditions while you are busy at your job or business. In global business landscape, exciting investment opportunities can be effectively tapped through help of a financial advisor.
  • Why should I start early?
    The earlier you start investing, the better it is. Power of compounding is the 8th wonder of the world and this power can be reliably unleashed over a long term with prudent investments. Even small regular investments have the power to magnify your wealth. It also allows one to average the purchase price of a compounding investment; the time in the market has consistently beaten the timing in the market.
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