Client Testimonials

Clients love us because we provide a personalised advice, listen carefully one’s goals and time horizon, understand risk appetite of our clients and arrive right Asset Allocation, choose right product which will create wealth and security to our client as well as for their families.

Jayan Varghese

If any of you want someone to patiently unravel the complexities of your personal finances and put you back on track, look no further, we have an inhouse expert in Sheela Maam. She has an exceptionally sound understanding of the latest happenings in the financial industry and what it has to offer. She is therefore able to break it down and explain the nuances in a way that takes away all the complexity. While she represents a popular Mutual Fund institution, I found that she was far more interested in helping me with my best options rather than selling her services to me. Thank you Sheela Maam for your time over the last few weeks. I am glad I reached out to you.

Mr. Jayan Varghese

Chief Instigator @ iNSTA Web Solutions


I have been investing in mutual funds for many years now and have got decent returns. However focused approach, identifying good funds, exiting funds at the right time has been an issue. 3 years ago, I had invested in few funds and didn't really look into it.. It was performing average and I didn't worry too much as it was thru reputed bank... But early last year (much before Covid ) I saw that the value was in negative. I realised I should have paid more attention to their approach and demanded corrective measures. Was introduced to Sheela ma'am in the chapter and understanding her experience, I decided to invest some funds under her care. She reviewed my investments, suggested Changes, exited few and helped restructure it. Last month we booked profit of 20%! I have now started an SIP with her for my daughter.. And am confident she would guide her well. I will strongly recommend her to people who I know are looking at investing into a mutual funds for long term growth and profits. 

Mr. Shivkumar Prabhakaran

MD - Practical Methods


I had interacted with lot of investment advisors in the past but did not get what I look for in investment advisor until I met Sheela ji. Her comprehensive consulting approach really puts us at ease and confident about outsourcing our investment plan to her. Her knowledge in the subject makes significant difference in making investment decision. She does not stop here rather helped answers all the doubts about the mutual fund investment. When it comes to investment through mutual fund, I would always recommend Sheela ji. Looking forward to long term association. 

Subranil Gangabasi,


Bejoy Balagopal

I had reached out to Sheela ma’am, to help me with my mutual fund investments. As a person who has not had a great experience on this front before and hence has been wary of mutual fund ‘advisors’, I was hoping that the interaction would be one that gives me confidence to go ahead. That was exactly what Sheela ma’am did. Right from the initial conversation, she put me at a lot of ease with the way she explained things. Not once did I get the feeling of someone selling me something. I genuinely felt that it was more like a helping hand guiding me with a lot of clarity, transparency, honesty and most importantly, concern. The ease of this conversation helped me have detailed discussions about her on my financial goals and plans, and she helped me derive a strategy. Post that, she was extremely efficient in the whole process of getting me on board the platform and getting the ball rolling. The experience has been wonderful, and I would strongly recommend her, for mutual fund investment advice, as much for her knowledge as her lovely and reassuring demeanour

Bejoy Balagopal 

Co-Founder, First Drop Theatre LLP

Abhivruddhi Financial Consultancy

 Abhivruddhi Financial Consultancy


Client Testimonials

2021 began with a goal in mind that I want to take my finance in my hands and learn about all the jargons i keep hearing around and probably grow my money and make it work while i sit and relax. Thanks to Sheela Mam to help me begin on this journey, educate me about lot of details. Sheela mam understood about my financial goals and created my portfolio in mutual funds. Also encouraged me to start SIP. Within 6 months i can see around 36% returns, which itself is a assurance that i have put my money in safe hands. Thank you so much Sheela mam. Regards,

Priyanka Rajvanshi Director The Function Junction

Priyanka Rajvanshi,

The Function Junction


Being a finance professional, I have always considered myself smart in taking care of my finances. However, after I did my 121 with Sheela Ma'am and discussed on my mutual fund portfolio, I realized that there is a difference between knowing the right thing and actually doing the right thing. With her vast experience and knowledge relating to an individual's risk appetite, stock market and financial products, she has guided me on which of the funds I should liquidate, which funds to continue to stay invested and wherein to diversify. Apart from guiding on mutual funds, Sheela Ma'am also helps in overall financial planning. I am very thankful to her and would surely recommend her for any help relating to mutual funds investing.

Nishant Agrawal,

Crystal Surfactants and Chemicals


As a 19 year old, I've wanted to start my independent financial planning and wealth accumulation journey as early as possible. Mrs. Sheela Alurkar helped me take a big first step in this direction. The stock market, investing process etc. was so new and uncertain and I was very hesitant to start investing. However, Sheela ma'am made the whole process of mutual fund investing so easy. Not only did she help me and ensure the procedures were in order, but she also took time out to explain what investments I was making and the rationale behind it. Today I am invested in almost 10 funds that are making good returns all thanks to Sheela ma’am. After having understood the benefit of starting wealth accumulation early, I would definitely recommend Mrs. Sheela Alurkar to other students/youngsters in my age group to help them take their first big step towards financial independence.


-Trishna S Nair

“Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. Sheela Madam had this and more. Her dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets her apart and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.” She has a very welcoming, friendly, professional and personable nature, who works with integrity to provide us with sound financial advice and guidance. Her's up to date expertise in the financial sector creates a trust that is rare to find. We highly recommend her and their services and look forward to many more years working with Sheela Madam


Ajay Bansal,

Printfield Digital Solutions

Sheela madam had helped me and one of my friends to suggest the right investment. We were looking for an investment that will have a very low risk along with a moderate return. We had contacted various bank people, but none of them could give the right solution. She patiently heard our needs, understood and then proposed the solution. She even took us along with her to set up each and every process. This truly shows her experience, expertise and competency in the area. A very big thanks to Sheela Madam.

Amit Ganguly,

Blessed IT Solution Pvt. Ltd.


We were thinking of setting some funds aside for our Son's education and FD was the only option we knew which was risk free but on a flip side, also low on returns. Prajakta introduced me to Mrs. Sheela Alurkar. I was very sceptical about Investing in Mutual funds as I have limited knowledge and there are many Mutual funds in the market. We had brief zoom meeting with her and she was very patient in hearing our needs. She got back to us with detailed plan which looked very promising. Thanks to her, our investment has grown very well. I am glad I now have better options than FD. I would happily recommend Mrs. Sheela Alurkar to my friends and family. Sachin Date Athena Health.

Prajakta Date,



Dear Sheela, Thank you for introducing me to the world of Mutual Funds. It was a field that I never gave much of a thought and had no one to explain and guide me through the process, now that I am associated with you, it’s like Plug and Play and proudly say I dabble in Mutual funds. Our journey has just began, nevertheless I will gladly recommend you to all my family and acquaintances as most Trustworthy Mutual Fund Investment advisor. Looking forward to making a fat retirement fund. Thank you so much .

Swarna Reddy,

Golden Touch


The best time to invest is now. I am very glad to have been associated with Sheela Mam. She has been very clear in explaining about the market and gave suggestions according to our requirement. She keeps in mind about the client requirements and suggests accordingly. Her in depth knowledge in the field is very visible.


Anudeep Reddy,